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Breast Augmentation (Loss of Volume)

After pregnancy, and particularly after breastfeeding, the breasts may lose volume and shape, which can ultimately cause the breasts to take on a sagging or ptotic appearance. Breast augmentation with implants can significantly rejuvenate your breasts, adding volume and improved contours. This popular procedure can be part of a comprehensive mommy makeover from Dr. Tom Lintner, our board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Lintner can restore the appearance of your breasts and address a number of other aesthetic issues that may be having an effect on your self-esteem.

Please contact Dr. Lintner for more information on breast augmentation as part of a comprehensive mommy makeover procedure.

Breast Implants Selection

Breast implants are available in a range of types, shapes, and sizes. They can be round or teardrop-shaped, and they can be of the silicone or saline-filled variety.

  • Saline breast implants are made of a silicone outer shell and filled with a saltwater solution. In some patients, saline implants yield a beautiful result.
  • Silicone breast implants are composed of a silicone outer shell that encases a viscous silicone gel. These implants have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for breast augmentation in women over the age of 22. Many patients find that silicone implants both look and feel very natural.

Choosing a Size

In terms of size, Dr. Tom Lintner believes that the best options for women involve sizes that fit their unique body frame. He does not subscribe to a “bigger is better” philosophy. Dr. Lintner believes some of the best results from a breast augmentation are those that look as natural as possible. Once you decide to have breast augmentation surgery, you will have a second consultation where you will be shown a variety of sizes and types of implants. Together, you and Dr. Lintner can decide which implant may be best for you, based on your ultimate goals and how the implant may look in relation to your body proportions.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

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During your initial mommy makeover consultation, if breast augmentation is an option you are considering, Dr. Lintner will go over all aspects of the procedure. At this meeting, you will discuss intricacies of the procedure such as the actual placement of the implant under the breast tissue, possible incision locations, risks, possible complications, and other topics. Although each breast augmentation is different, incision locations can be either just above the crease of the breast, around the areola (surrounding the nipple), or through the armpit. He will then place the implants either behind the chest muscle, or directly beneath the breast tissue. After that, the incisions are closed. Although your incisions will never completely disappear, Dr. Lintner is a highly experienced breast surgeon and will make every effort to make any residual scarring from the procedure as minimal as possible.

Acute recovery from breast augmentation usually takes about one to two weeks, light aerobic activity can resume at around four weeks and strenuous activity should be avoided for at least six to eight weeks in order for the breasts to completely heal. However, the total recovery time will depend on any other procedures that you may have elected to include in your mommy makeover. Dr. Lintner will discuss all aspects of recovery with you once your customized mommy makeover treatment plan has been created at your initial consultation.

Breast augmentation with implants can resolve a number of aesthetic issues that may have arisen from pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, giving your breasts a fuller, beautiful appearance with natural-looking results.

Breast Augmentation FAQ’s

How do I choose the right breast implant shape and size?

Based on your aesthetic goals and unique body shape, Dr. Lintner can provide recommendations for the best possible breast implant options during your one-on-one consultation. Through the use of VECTRA® 3D Imaging technology, he can also help you visualize your potential results with different implant types. It is our goal to ensure you feel confident in your decision and achieve the results you desire.

How much does breast augmentation cost?

Breast augmentation price can vary from patient to patient. The total cost depends on a variety of factors, including implant size and type, specific incisions/techniques being used, anesthesia, post-surgical garments and medications, and the surgeon’s fee. In your consultation, Dr. Lintner can provide you with a personalized price estimate, as well as information about the financing options we offer, if needed. Your surgeon’s skill and experience level often influences the cost, so a surgeon willing to perform the procedure for a price that is well under what other surgeons are charging can potentially be a red flag. To assure a safe and successful surgery, we encourage you to conduct thorough research when selecting your plastic surgeon.

Will I be able to breastfeed after breast augmentation?

Although it is typically best to wait until you are done having children before undergoing a mommy makeover, breast augmentation should not impede your ability to breastfeed in the future—assuming you were able to do so prior to the procedure. This misconception often stems from the small percentage of women who are unable to breastfeed, but did not attempt to do so until after breast implants had been placed.

Will pregnancy affect my breast implants?

While the integrity of your breast implants should not be affected if you become pregnant after breast augmentation, it is generally difficult to predict other changes to your body that may transpire. Pregnancy affects women’s bodies in different ways, so changes to the way augmented breasts appear after a pregnancy and breastfeeding can occur to varying degrees. Some women may not notice much of a difference, but if excess skin or drooping is present, a breast lift can help restore the shape, projection, and size of the breasts.

Which implant placement creates the most natural appearance?

In most cases, Dr. Lintner will recommend placing the breast implants below the muscle for the most natural appearance. However, this may not always be the case. Your body frame, natural breast shape, skin thickness, and available breast tissue all potentially affect placement choice. In your consultation with Dr. Lintner, he can conduct a thorough exam to help determine your best possible option.

Am I too old for breast implants?

When it comes to breast augmentation, much like most surgical procedures, your overall health is more important that your age. While some procedures may have a minimum age requirement, you generally won’t ever be considered “too old.” However, if the potential risks of the procedure outweigh the benefits, Dr. Lintner will recommend against surgery.

Will breast implants interfere with a mammogram?

No, breast implants will not prevent you from being able to receive proper mammogram results. Special techniques enable radiologists to capture accurate images of the surrounding breast tissue. When making an appointment for your mammogram (as well as when you arrive), be sure to inform the staff and/or radiologist of your breast implants, so they can effectively prepare for your exam.

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