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Advanced Aesthetic Surgery Atlanta, Georgia Dr. Tom Lintner

DIANE: It’s just so nice to actually get up in the morning and look in the mirror and the person that comes back is the person that you see in your mind.

RUSTI: There was no other choices for me.  This was my one and only choice.

ANGIE: He just took such special care of them.  They’re the two most precious women in my life.  You know, who else would I go to?

NATALIE: They answered all my questions and made me feel good about everything.

DR. THOMAS LINTNER: Hi, I’m Dr. Thomas Lintner and I’d like to welcome you to Advanced Aesthetic Surgery.

MS. LIZ LINTNER: What you will get here obviously is an incredibly qualified and talented surgeon and wonderfully warm staff.  But you absolutely get people who care about you.

DR. THOMAS LINTNER: We feel very strongly that patients get as much information.  They know the surgeon is available 24 hours a day to them and they know that the surgeon is focused on safety.

ANN: This practice is probably the most caring compassionate practice that I’ve ever been in and I’ve ever seen and patients tell us that all the time.  They like coming in and having someone really care about them, care about their whole being.

MS. LIZ LINTNER: We are caregivers.  We want to take care of people.  I don’t know that you’ll find that in a lot of other practices.

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