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Liposuction Surgery Patient Experience Marietta Georgia

NATALIE: I came to Dr. Lintner because I had some serious issues with my body and I wanted to feel better about myself.  And I think when I talked to other women about it they started to make me feel more comfortable about exploring the plastic surgery.  And one of my girlfriends actually had the plastic surgery with Dr. Lintner and really loved her results and so I started exploring a little bit more on the internet and every time I came up with a search his name always popped up.  And I just said, you know, maybe it’s meant to be.

So I made my appointment, I came in for my consultation and, of course, I was the girl that had like a million questions and my nurse, she sat there for like two hours during my consultation and answered every question.  And they asked me at the end of the consultation, do you want to schedule your surgery and I said absolutely without any hesitation.  They answered all my questions and made me feel good about everything and I scheduled it for three months later, because I wanted to give myself some time to prepare and lose weight.

And I got to the surgery center at the hospital and felt so comfortable, everything was so smooth.  Not one time did I feel like, you know, this isn’t right or I don’t have a good gut feeling.  Dr. Lintner walked in, helped me draw my body, you know, what am I going to look like and he was just as excited about it as I was and that’s what made most of my experience just so spectacular was I have a doctor who cares about how happy I’m going to be at the end.
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